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Repatriation – coping at home after hospital

At home I found I could do a quite lot myself, but was glad of someone being there for tasks which required two hands or anything more than the lightest lifting, and in case I slipped or tottered. The nursing … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different – the researcher as participant (hospital patient)

We interrupt the series on the Christchurch earthquakes to bring you an article containing Judith’s observations as hospital patient. According to the handbooks of social research, participant observation is when the “researcher is immersed in a social setting for some … Continue reading

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2. When the earthquakes struck – Immediate Impacts

Immediately after the earthquake of September 2010 and the much more destructive February 2011 event, older people had similar survival needs to everyone else. John Patterson (aged 75), from the north-east suburbs of Christchurch, provides a vivid personal account of … Continue reading

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