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Education in an ageing society – why is it important?

Judith A. Davey Looking through my list of blog topics, I notice the absence of education. Yes, there is such a subject as educational gerontology. I was into this a good few years ago now when I co-edited and contributed … Continue reading

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Frailty – what does it mean and how could it be measured?

     Judith Davey 16/06/2017  “Frail” and “frailty” are words often used in relation to very old people. Looking them up in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary gives us “likely to be broken, perishable’ when applied to objects and “weak, liable … Continue reading

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What does Wales have which we do not have? Its initiatives for the wellbeing of older people

Judith Davey  02/06/2017 The population of Wales, at 3.2 million is smaller than NZ’s, but it has a slightly higher proportion of its population aged 65 plus (18% at present), and it has some very interesting initiatives which promote the … Continue reading

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