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Pre-funerals – withdrawal from life or a celebration of positive ageing?

Judith Davey 16/11/17 Is long life a good thing or not? Human beings seem to be ambivalent. Over history and throughout the world, people have shown respect and support to eminent people by shouting “Long live……..”. In the Old Testament, … Continue reading

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Tracking Living Costs for Seniors – CPI or HLPI?

Judith A.Davey 7/11/17 Most people will have heard of the consumers’ price index (CPI), which tracks changes to the prices of items that New Zealand households buy and so provides a measure of inflation. The CPI is used by the … Continue reading

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Progression of Feelings about University Study  

  Judith A. Davey 3/11/2017 As the 60-plus students thought about their university experiences, there was a typical sequence of emotions. Apprehension Several were very unsure of themselves and their abilities at first. Lillian and Stan feared that their study … Continue reading

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