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Our mission: Working for the rights and wellbeing of older people.

Our vision: To create an inclusive society where older people/koroua/kuia are respected, valued, supported and empowered.

Our Values:

  • Dignity – to respect the dignity and uniqueness of every person as an individual and as a valuable member of society.
  • Wellbeing – To ensure that older people are given the opportunity to achieve physical comfort, engage in satisfying activities and personal development and to feel valued and supported.
  • Equity – To ensure that older people have an equal opportunity to achieve wellbeing by directing resources to help those disadvantaged or in greatest need.
  • Cultural respect – To respect the values and social structures of Maori and people of all cultures and ethnicities, demonstrating respect by working together to gain mutual understanding.

Age Concern – Who? What? How?

We are a not-for-profit organisation working to serve the needs of older people through the national office Age Concern New Zealand and 34 local Age Concerns which play an increasingly vital role in communities throughout the country.

Your local Age Concern is your first port of call for information, advice, referral and support.

We know the services your community can offer and our range of social activities can help you meet people and stay connected.

We provide education, support and advocacy to help with a range of issues. Most local Age Concerns have staff trained to deal with elder abuse and neglect, or can refer to another prevention service. Many also provide accredited visiting services for seniors who feel socially isolated. Health promotion is another focus. We’re also working to change attitudes and behaviours which devalue older people, as we want New Zealand to be a place we can all grow old with dignity and respect.

Nationally, our key concerns include ensuring older people have adequate income and access to health care and home support services.

Age Concern works every day to ensure older people’s needs are met. We inform Government on policies and national initiatives, raise public awareness on issues and coordinate and support local services.

Some ways we can help:

  • Accredited visiting services to reduce social isolation
  • Elder abuse and neglect prevention
  • Ensure access to health care and other support services

How you can help us:

  • Spread the word about Age Concern and our work
  • Volunteer for local Age Concern boards or services
  • Become an Age Concern Dignity Champion
  • Join our SeniorVoice email group and give feedback on issues
  • Make a donation or bequest


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