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At the heart of everything Age Concern does is a passion to see older people experience well-being, respect, dignity, and to be included and valued. We support, inform and advise older people on issues such as access to health care, transport, housing, financial entitlements, and social opportunities. We also work to combat real problems in our society, like elder abuse and neglect, chronic loneliness and social isolation. We provide specialist services with trained and qualified professionals able to give expert advice and assistance. Age Concern is a charity and relies on the support of volunteers and public donations to do much of the work we do. To help us help older people, please consider making a donation of your time or money. To see how, visit

Ageing and Policy – how have attitudes changed?

Judith Davey For 24/2/17 The book which is taking up a lot of my attention at the moment – Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison – has a sub-title – Political Lessons, Scientific Avenues, and Democratic Issues. In the … Continue reading

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Friendly urban neighbourhoods for people with dementia – and others

Judith Davey For 10/2/17 I have been doing some work lately on Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.  A sub-set of these are dementia-friendly environments. We have all heard about the likely increase in numbers of people with dementia as our population … Continue reading

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New policy statement on the health of older people – the “Healthy Ageing Strategy”

Judith Davey 27/01/17 Drafts of the Health of Older People Strategy, an update of the 2002 document, have been around for a while and there have been numerous consultation initiatives, which you may have heard of. Fairly late in the … Continue reading

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Retirement – how has it changed?

Judith Davey 6/12/16 Going through my paper mountain recently, in the interests of decluttering, I found a free newsletter called “Women Today”, dated April 1977. Apart from the presentation – clearly back in the Gestetner age, when copies were churned … Continue reading

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Age Group Politics – do older people vote selfishly?

Judith Davey One of the threats foreseen by those who subscribe to the disaster/burden perspective on population ageing is that older people will use their numbers as voters to dominate the political agenda.  Linked to this is the belief that … Continue reading

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Older Men as Grandfathers- Maori Grandfathers in Aotearoa

Judith Davey 26/10/16  The book I mentioned in my last blog – Grandfathers: Global Perspectives – is now published and our chapter – Maori Grandfathers in Aotearoa (New Zealand) – sits alongside contributions from Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, … Continue reading

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Older Men as Grandfathers – Why are they invisible?

Judith A. Davey 14/11/16 Grandfathers are “peripheral, distant, or have limited involvement with their grandchildren, usually offering only economic and instrumental support”. [1] My interest in older people as grandparents goes back a long way. When the New Zealand Families … Continue reading

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