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At the heart of everything Age Concern does is a passion to see older people experience well-being, respect, dignity, and to be included and valued. We support, inform and advise older people on issues such as access to health care, transport, housing, financial entitlements, and social opportunities. We also work to combat real problems in our society, like elder abuse and neglect, chronic loneliness and social isolation. We provide specialist services with trained and qualified professionals able to give expert advice and assistance. Age Concern is a charity and relies on the support of volunteers and public donations to do much of the work we do. To help us help older people, please consider making a donation of your time or money. To see how, visit

Ideas on a revision of Positive Ageing Strategy

Judith Davey 22/02/2019 In January the Office for Seniors (OFS) published a summary of the submissions that they had received in the second half of 2018, with the title “Developing a new strategy to prepare for an ageing population”. These … Continue reading

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Longevity – Actions for long life

Judith Davey 8/02/2019 Avoidance of Boredom – Several studies have found a startling connection between chronic boredom and early death…… perhaps a literal demonstration of being “bored to death.” Following up a 25-year study in Britain, it was found that … Continue reading

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What food items are linked to longevity?

Judith Davey 25/01/2019 Healthy eating is clearly an important consideration as we age, bearing in mind changes in nutritional requirements. Garlic – is one of the most common cooking ingredients around the world. Many dishes in Europe, Africa, Asia and … Continue reading

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Where do people live the longest?

11/01/2019 Judith Davey This sounds like a simple question and it is easy to find plenty of answers, many of them hard to reconcile with each other. The ranking tables of the countries with the highest life expectancy at birth … Continue reading

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Loneliness – and the time of year

14/12/2018 Judith Davey Loneliness and social isolation can threaten the wellbeing of older people. They are particularly vulnerable due to deteriorating physical health, the death of spouses, partners, and friends, being more likely to live alone, and difficulty in getting … Continue reading

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What is loneliness and how can it be measured?

Judith Davey 30/11/2018 Loneliness as a social issue has come to the fore recently and much has been made of moves by governments to put it on the policy agenda. Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement in January this year that … Continue reading

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What is Active Ageing? And is it a “good thing”

Judith Davey 16/11/2018 A variety of terms is bandied about when people try to put a positive slant on population ageing, what it means and its implications. We hear about “healthy” “positive”, “successful”, “productive”, “active ageing and so on. The … Continue reading

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