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At the heart of everything Age Concern does is a passion to see older people experience well-being, respect, dignity, and to be included and valued. We support, inform and advise older people on issues such as access to health care, transport, housing, financial entitlements, and social opportunities. We also work to combat real problems in our society, like elder abuse and neglect, chronic loneliness and social isolation. We provide specialist services with trained and qualified professionals able to give expert advice and assistance. Age Concern is a charity and relies on the support of volunteers and public donations to do much of the work we do. To help us help older people, please consider making a donation of your time or money. To see how, visit

The Business of Ageing

09/02/2018 Judith Davey The Ministry of Social Development has published three reports entitled “The Business of Ageing: Realising the Economic Potential of Older People in New Zealand” in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Recently a 2017 update has appeared. These reports … Continue reading

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What kind of work were older people doing in the 1891-1921 period?

26/01/2018 Judith Davey The descriptions of the occupational categories used in the censuses contain what we would consider outdated or even quaint language. They began “embracing all persons….” And continued as shown on the table below –   Change in … Continue reading

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More older people in paid work – is this anything new?

Judith Davey 12/01/18 We hear a lot about people staying on in paid work after the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation (I get cross when I hear people talking about the “age of retirement” when there isn’t one!). … Continue reading

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InterRAI – progress and a farewell

Judith A, Davey 15/12/17 One of my blogs in May 2016 was entitled “A new tool for assessing need” and talked about interRAI assessments for aged care services which have been recently introduced into New Zealand. This is something of … Continue reading

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Pre-funerals – withdrawal from life or a celebration of positive ageing?

Judith Davey 16/11/17 Is long life a good thing or not? Human beings seem to be ambivalent. Over history and throughout the world, people have shown respect and support to eminent people by shouting “Long live……..”. In the Old Testament, … Continue reading

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Tracking Living Costs for Seniors – CPI or HLPI?

Judith A.Davey 7/11/17 Most people will have heard of the consumers’ price index (CPI), which tracks changes to the prices of items that New Zealand households buy and so provides a measure of inflation. The CPI is used by the … Continue reading

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Progression of Feelings about University Study  

  Judith A. Davey 3/11/2017 As the 60-plus students thought about their university experiences, there was a typical sequence of emotions. Apprehension Several were very unsure of themselves and their abilities at first. Lillian and Stan feared that their study … Continue reading

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