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At the heart of everything Age Concern does is a passion to see older people experience well-being, respect, dignity, and to be included and valued. We support, inform and advise older people on issues such as access to health care, transport, housing, financial entitlements, and social opportunities. We also work to combat real problems in our society, like elder abuse and neglect, chronic loneliness and social isolation. We provide specialist services with trained and qualified professionals able to give expert advice and assistance. Age Concern is a charity and relies on the support of volunteers and public donations to do much of the work we do. To help us help older people, please consider making a donation of your time or money. To see how, visit

New Zealand’s Retirement Income ‘Eco-system’ – 1 Government contribution

Judith Davey 21/09/2018 When we think of retirement income policy we usually think first of New Zealand Superannuation (NZS). For many older people this is their main or only source of income. But, when you come to think of it, … Continue reading

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Retirement Villages – looking at their economic impact

On 25th July, at an event in the Beehive, the Retirement Villages Association (RVA) launched a report commissioned through Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting (PWC), entitled Retirement village contribution to housing, employment, and GDP in New Zealand. Your blogger was there; … Continue reading

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Enter the Puffin* – A new pedestrian crossing

Judith Davey 24/08/2018 One of the major concerns for older pedestrians in urban areas is the time allowed for crossing roads at traffic lights. I suffer from this myself. Unless I am standing waiting at the kerb for the “green … Continue reading

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Yes – Older people blog and it is good for them*

10/08/2018 Judith Davey Rachel McAlpine, a well-known New Zealand author and poet, and myself, are both bloggers and both would admit to being “older”. Rachel had been wondering about older bloggers, a community which she says is “pretty well hidden … Continue reading

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Older People and Drugs – legal and illegal 2. Legal drug use and its consequences

Judith Davey 27/07/2018 Alcohol I did not mention alcohol in my previous post on drugs. I looked at this in a blog about a year ago, quoting the 2012/13 New Zealand Health Survey (Older People and Alcohol in New Zealand, July … Continue reading

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Older People and Drugs – legal and illegal 1. Illicit drug use and its consequences

Judith Davey 13/07/2018 It is well known that how we live our lives has a profound effect on how well we age and our wellbeing in later life. It is not just a case of what we do when we … Continue reading

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It matters what we call older people

Judith Davey 29/06/2018 I once asked my students for examples of epithets used for older people. I got the usual: oldies, grey-hairs, wrinklies, geriatrics. And a new one, apparently from the USA – “geezers”. None were complimentary, but none as … Continue reading

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