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And now for something completely different “The Meaning of Life”; talking about spirituality

Psychologists, philosophers and social scientists have plenty to say about spirituality. Some consider it is closely associated with religion – a set of traditional beliefs, rituals and activities associated with a higher power. Others acknowledge that one can have faith … Continue reading

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How can we measure income adequacy?

We have heard a lot in recent years about the income of people in retirement. How adequate is NZ Superannuation to support a decent standard of living? How many older people are living in poverty? The statements of politicians are … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the ‘Ageing and Diversity’ Conference

The New Zealand Association of Gerontology held its 2012 conference in Auckland, on September 13-15. About 160 people attended, including your blogger. There were large contingents from universities, in New Zealand and overseas, almost equalled by representatives of District Health … Continue reading

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